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Maybe you've worked with a professional photographer before and maybe not. Regardless, I want you to know exactly what it's like to work with me. And it's going to be so much more than a couple of stiff poses and calling it good... This whole process is going to be so much fun! I want to give you the photos you've been dreaming of, but that's only going to happen if we're all on the same page. Let's make it happen!

Elope with me

Think of it like this

here to help you have a great time

I'm more like one of your friends tagging along for a date. I'll be there firstly just celebrating with you both, and then documenting the nearly perfect magical moments, the imperfect moments that make you laugh, the moments you're so joyful you could explode, all the moments you want to remember forever. I want you to smile if you feel like it, laugh if you feel like it, cry if you feel like it. I want you to feel all the feelings and have so much fun! Then when you look back on your photos you'll be able to relive those amazing emotions over and over. But don't worry I have a ton of tips and tricks to help you relax, have fun, be present, and get all the photos of your dreams! Are you ready?!

Let's Be Friends!

The real you is pretty fantastically wonderful.

the world Seems TO Fade Away?

You know those moments when

The love between you two is something incredible. Those stolen kisses, the sneaky smiles, cracking up until you cry, getting lost in each other's eyes... the candid moments where you forget I'm there. When you realize your greatest gift is each other and the magnitude of getting to build your lives together forever starts hitting home. Now that's what I'm talking about...

We're gonna be friends first

Creating the beautiful photos you're dreaming of starts with trusting each other and being comfortable with each other.

here's how we make that happen:


We're going to start with really getting to know each other. So we'll go get some tacos or go on a hike together, you name it and I'm in! I want to hang out like buddies first (in person!), before we ever pull out the camera. I want to pet your dog, give you a high five, sip some boba, and stamp our national park passports together.


The moments we spend out in nature bring out the best in us. Seeing the northern lights or just every sunrise in Lake Tahoe where I feel closest to God are just wonderfully meaningful. So whatever adventure you are planning, I'm 100%  in because I know it's going to  be the most fun for you guys and bring out your authentic emotions.


The most important photos to us are the ones that make us remember. You're probably not thinking about it now, but photography is perhaps the most important thing you'll invest in for your wedding. These are your memories! I want you to look at your photos and relive exactly how you felt on your special day, over and over, for 100+ years.

Let's get this party started!

we didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun

Why  I  am  Passionate  About Intimate,  small  Weddings

Friends, I wish I had known about smaller weddings when Travis and I got married. Our marriage is wonderful, but our larger wedding... well, I was so focused on helping everyone else have fun that I made myself miserable... And that is something I NEVER want anyone to ever feel on their wedding day. After some thoughtful research into my own experience with a big wedding and having photographed several big weddings, I knew there had to be a better way.  I've found that in more intimate celebrations, the focus is brought back to the couple and your sacred commitment. And I really love that. I'll never get over witnessing such profound love with my new friends in the experiences that mean the most to them. Plus, you know I'm always down for an adventure with you guys!

Getting married is one heck of an adventure. And I want you to remember every aspect - the wicked fun experience, AND also your tears, laughs, the tender moments, and totally epic moments. So the romance and the grandness of your special day are equally important. These are the intimate moments that you're going to remember fondly for years and years to come. They are also hopefully the ones you're going to use as a springboard for all your future adventures together. And through working together we create a space for you to have that 'mountain-top' experience, both emotionally and physically (and maybe even literally!).  

It's more than Just Romance

Small Weddings Bring it Back to You

Small weddings are truly all about you two and your love. Being intentional with your time and celebration. Doing what matters most to you (whatever that is!) with the people who are most important to you. The kind of wedding experience that's meaningful and sacred and epic and fun and totally you guys - this has become my passion. So you don't have to go the big wedding route if you're not feeling it! Let’s bring it back to what’s most important. Reclaim your day by doing what means the most to you, letting your hearts soar with an awesome view, and surrounding yourselves with only the people who mean the most to you. 

let me plan your elopement

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Intimate Weddings

Adventure Sessions

Right on! Let's get you married in an intentional, experience based wedding celebration in the great outdoors that totally fits you two. Whether that means adventuring to a bucket list national park and vowing forever at sunrise on the trail or committing your lives together on your favorite beach, I'm here to help you have the most epic, totally you guys day and tell your story well. Elopements are for celebrations with up to 15 guests.

Maybe you want an intentional, experience based, very you-guys wedding celebration in the great outdoors but also want your close friends and family to be there. An intimate wedding that blends the two is the perfect option for you! For example we can all do a short hike to an epic vista for your ceremony and toasts, take time for a fun adventure with just you two, and then come back for further celebration with your peeps. It's the best of both worlds! Intimate weddings are for celebrations with up to 50 guests.

Celebrating your anniversary or engagement? Planning a surprise proposal?  Out on vacation and just want photos because? An adventure session is for you! We plan a short outdoor experience together, go out, and take photos celebrating this season in your lives. It's so much fun! Please note that I do not book adventure sessions for elopements or vow renewals. Your wedding day deserves more time and planning than a short session!

Starting at $5900

Starting at $6500

Starting at $1200

I'd rather be somewhere outside with an epic view...

I don't know about you, but

And you're probably here because feel the same. You'd rather get married in a place that sets your souls on fire than a generic hotel ballroom. So whether that's in the mountains, on a glacier, hiking through a forest, exploring the desert, or on a tropical beach, I'm all about helping you guys get married in a place that matches the adventure in your hearts surrounded by up to 50 of your closest family and friends. 

Let's Talk About Locations

Where do you want to go?

When choosing your elopement location it's important to consider how you want your day to feel, what kind of adventure/experience you desire to have, and anything you want to eat, see, or do. Consider places that have significant meaning, are your type of adventurous (or new!), and have the accessibility you need. And don't worry if you don't have a location chosen yet, I will also help you find the PERFECT place for you to commit your lives to each other utilizing all my resources. 

View Location Ideas

here to make your "that would be so cool" ideas come to life

We're going to custom Make your day 

Every elopement is unique - just like you guys. The perfect location or activity for one couple, might not be the perfect location or activity for you! Upon booking you're going to get a thorough questionnaire and fun goodies to help me really know you, your hearts, and what your dreams are for your wedding (and marriage!). As we plan, you'll get more resources and a custom location guide to help you craft the adventurous wedding day of your dreams. 

Let's plan your elopement!

"Clarissa was a dream to work with. We are not very comfortable being in photos and she made us both feel so relaxed. The photos came out beautifully and she has a beautiful way with photographing light. I’m in love with all of our photos. Anyone would be lucky to be able to work with her."

Carmina + Dan


"Clarissa is a 1st-rate photographer! She is kind, assertive, and flexible. Everyone who has seen our wedding pictures has commented on how beautiful they are, and we're very pleased with the quality. We highly recommend Clarissa to be your photographer too - you will not be disappointed!"

Tanya + Andrew

Yosemite National Park

"Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all that Clarissa did! The bride/groom shoots were a blast and she had us laughing the whole time. She was constantly on the go and capturing every fun moment. We without a doubt would have asked her to be our wedding photographer again and have already recommended her to others. Thank you Clarissa!!!

Abby + Justin

Oregon Coast

"Clarissa is so kind, professional, flexible, and helped us to feel completely comfortable! She is very passionate about her job, and you can tell from the result of every single photo she takes. Our photos are SO beautiful and high quality, you won't be disappointed at all! We highly recommend Clarissa!"

Sara + Silver


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