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I'm new to all this. What is an intimate wedding? Elopement? Adventure wedding?

These definitions are a little different depending on who you ask, but here's what I use. An 'adventure wedding' is an intentionally-planned wedding day that happens in a great outdoors location. Typically these have a small guest list and an emphasis on experiences over things. I use the word 'elopement' to refer to a wedding with less than 15 guests and an 'intimate wedding' as less than 50 guests. Either of these can be adventure weddings!

How do we choose a location if we've never seen it in person? 

I have a huge folder with tons of potential location photos because we're always out exploring! I've got you covered! I'm happy to make suggestions and show you images, so we can plan something super fun and totally 'you two'. More info here!

We know where we want to go, but don't know how to get there. Can you help?

Yes! Between my own experience being an outdoors person, consulting knowledgable and trustworthy guides/rangers, and knowledge of backcountry and tour operators, we'll figure out a way to get you where you want to go! There are caveats if the area is dangerous, on private land, etc. where we can't go, but we'll do our best! Please note that while a lot of what I do could be considered 'guiding,' I am not a certified outdoor guide. I'm happy to defer to and recommend professional guides if a location or activity warrants it!

Can we plan an elopement in the winter?

Heck yes! I'm all about the softly falling snow, figure skating on alpine lakes, and adventuring out onto glaciers. You can elope basically any time of year with the correct preparations. We'll go through all the details to keep you warm so you can enjoy your winter wonderland wedding.

What if the weather is "bad"?

We will have backup plans. We'll always err on the side of safety in dangerous conditions, but things like rain, clouds, mist/fog, cold/hot conditions, wind, snow, etc. can make your day all the more magical and memorable.

We don't really like hiking, but we want an adventurous wedding day. Is there a solution?

Absolutely! 'Adventure' is a totally relative term. What's considered adventurous is different for everybody. We'll talk in depth on what you're looking for when we chat and go through different locations that might serve you. 

We're not very photogenic. Will you still get good photos of us?

This is a super common concern! Don't worry. You are absolutely worthy of being photographed and I haven't met a couple who doesn't radiate joy on their wedding day! Before I even pull out a camera, I want to get to know you first. Then once we start taking photos, the process is chill and fun. I'll give you easy instructions and ask you to interact together so I can capture flattering, candid moments. My prompts and directions include movements, words, feelings, maybe even your favorite music (all things you fill out on a questionnaire from me!). You'll be having such a good time, you might even forget I'm there or what we're doing. When you see your photos, you might think something like "Wow, I had no idea we could look so good on camera!" At least this has been what's happened a lot so far!

We love Travis. Will he be at our elopement?

I agree, Travis, my husband, is the best! He will join us for your weekend elopement if you would like. He's an amazing driver, backpack holder, bottle opener, safety scout, all around best assistant ever. He also often picks up a camera to photograph those important moments with me. So if you'd feel more confident with an assistant on board, we can make sure he's there for you guys! Travis is also an officiant who can legally marry you (weekend elopements only).

What is your editing style?

My editing style is based on the natural vibrancy of your location with a punchy vibe that preserves, the true-to-life colors you saw, accurate skin tones, and overall timelessness of the images. I want your memories to match your photos! I'm proud to produce photos that won't feel dated in 5, 15, or 50 years. Plus you chose a location based on its inherent beauty and to change that would be a huge disservice!

Having a camera in my face for eight hours seems exhausting...

Also a very common concern, but don't worry, this isn't an 8 hour photo shoot! We'll be hiking, adventuring, traveling between locations, eating, chatting, making fun memories, and more. A lot of times my couple's favorite images are from those in between times. Of course we will have some dedicated time for photos around sunrise and/or sunset in rad locations when lighting is visually stunning. It'll all be very fun and low key.

How many photos will we receive and how will we get them?

I deliver an estimated 50 edited photos per hour right to your email in a beautiful, online gallery. So if your elopement is 8 hours, you'll receive 400+ photos. Note: I usually deliver more! From the gallery you are able to download high resolution digital images and order prints from my vetted print lab. 

Are you also a wedding planner?

I'm not an official wedding planner, but many of my couples have found they have not needed a planner with how involved I am in the process. It's hard to detail every way I've helped, but my clients have found my insight and expertise invaluable. From timeline creation, travel hacks & tips, permitting specifics, location selection, suggesting other vendors, picking out wedding attire, advice on how to tell your friends and family you're eloping, helping with your makeup & hair, holding your backpack, pinning on your boutonnière, signing your marriage license, the list is endless. The only thing I don't do for you is booking things like lodging or other vendors on your behalf or providing official guiding services.

Why do you include an album in all your packages? Can we remove it?

I'm a huge advocate of printing your photos. You probably have thousands of photos 'lost' on your phone or computer, but no one gets to see them besides you. I want you to be able to share your amazing wedding day memories with guests in your first home, with possible kids and grandkids, and more. So to make it easier, I help you design and print your first family heirloom. I work with a fantastic USA based lab who prints your images using traditional darkroom techniques and handcrafts your album covers. The quality is unmatched. I even printed an album of my own wedding photos from them! If you'd like to be more minimalist or have another reason for not wanting an album at this time, I'd be happy to exchange the album for more coverage time on your wedding day. Just ask!

What do we do after getting married? Do we get dinner? Do we just leave? How does this work?

This looks different for every couple! I always suggest getting a nice meal to celebrate afterwards and rock those wedding outfits! There's something so special about breaking bread together and it gives you time to soak in the magnitude of what you just did. A lot of couples invite me (and their other vendors) to a little celebration dinner or cocktail hour with them. I'm happy to help you explore the options for your post-wedding celebration! 

What is an adventure session?

An adventure session is a ~2 hr photo session commonly used for engagements, anniversaries, proposals, or an after-wedding portrait session. We pick a couple of close locations and hike just a little bit. Here are a couple galleries of past adventure sessions so you can get an idea. *Note* - I do not book adventure session packages as elopements (or vow renewals). Your wedding day deserves more time and planning than that! 

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