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For many eloping couples, choosing a location with significance to them is important. But what if you guys wanted elope in a completely new place to the two of you? How do you do that? Where would you even start?

1. Determine your location.

Whether you have an idea or not about where you want to elope, here are a couple questions to kickstart the process. First, do you both want to go somewhere specific? Think of locations you’d want to vacation or are on your bucket list. If you’ve both been itching to go to Iceland or Yosemite National Park or Barcelona – definitely put those locations down as options! This helps narrow the list of possibilities from the whole world to a few places you’re actually interested in. But if you have absolutely no idea, that’s ok too!

Next consider the weather or seasons. Have you always been itching to visit Iceland and hopefully see the Northern Lights? They most often happen in the wintertime. Or maybe you’re sick of snow and want somewhere with a beach? That will rule out locations closer to the poles. Think of this question specifically with regards to what you guys are thinking of wearing. Do you see yourselves in light weight material, short sleeves, sandals, sun hats, sunglasses? Maybe consider warmer temperature locations. If you’re envisioning cozy shawls, blankets, warm drinks, and scarves then maybe a location with crisp fall weather would suit you.

2. Make it legal.

Once you have an idea on location, look into how to legally get married there. Searching the web is a good resource, but often you’ll want to contact someone directly. For foreign countries, contact the consulate. If you’ll be eloping in another state or province, contact the nearest city government to where you’ll be eloping. For national parks, public lands, etc, contact their ranger headquarters.

In many places you’ll need to obtain a marriage license, have it signed by an officiant (and often witnesses too), and pay the administrative fee. Sometimes this can take time so plan ahead. You can also save yourself the headache and just legally get married at home. That way on your elopement day you don’t have to worry about anything besides enjoying yourselves.

Don’t forget any permits you might need to hold an elopement in your location. Most national parks, public lands, and often some cities/venues require a permit. This fee reserves the area for you guys and keeps the area nice for generations to come. It also assures that you will not be kicked out in the middle of your elopement day – that would make for some bummer memories.

3. Get some help.

The above two tasks might seem daunting. I highly recommend searching for and hiring vendors who can help you. Try searching for an “Iceland elopement photographer” or “Yosemite officiant.” I am often helping clients not only with a super duper fun wedding day, but also recommending lodging, things to do, restaurants, finding flight deals, creating travel itineraries, etc. With a knowledgable vendor on board for your big day you’ll take a lot of the guess work and stress out of not only planning your elopement but also the unknown of going to a new place.

You can definitely plan your own travel, make your own itineraries, search for your own permits, etc. It can save you a lot of stress to pass the baton on to a trusted professional because they often include this service! Plus many elopement vendors spend a ton of time scouting out new locations and just getting out there in their own free time. The absolute perfect location for your elopement might be just a suggestion away in your vendor’s mind.

4. Have fun!

Finally, go have the elopement day of your dreams!

A huge diamond engagement ring in the snow if an Iceland ice cave.
A bride walks into a snowy Narnia landscape in Iceland.
A stunning diamond wedding ring on the ice of Southern Iceland.
A couple chose this Iceland ice cave for their winter elopement.
A dramatic Iceland glacier cave was the venue for an eloping couple.
An eloping couple enters their Iceland glacier cave venue.
This couple eloped in a Southern Iceland ice cave.
An eloping bride and groom in a beautiful Iceland glacier cave.
This couple eloped in an Iceland ice cave in the winter.
Would you like to elope in an Iceland glacier cave?
An eloping couple embracing in an Iceland ice cave.
This bride and groom walk in a winter wonderland during their Iceland wedding day.
This couple just got married in a wintery Iceland ice cave.
Iceland's ice caves are the perfect venue for your adventurous elopement.
An eloping couple walks through a wintery Iceland ice cave.
A couple walking hand in hand through a wintery ice cave during their Iceland elopement.
This couple hired an Iceland elopement photographer to capture their ice cave elopement.
A couple runs through a glacier ice cave on their elopement wedding day in Iceland.
This couple bravely eloped during the winter in Iceland in an ice cave!
A bride and groom cuddle up during their winter Iceland elopement.
This Iceland glacier cave was an epic venue for this eloping couple.
A tender moment between this bride and groom on their Iceland elopement day.
Ice caves provide the perfect place for an epic adventurous elopement.
A snowy day at this Iceland ice cave - perfect for an adventurous elopement.
A bride and groom run through the magnificent halls of this Iceland ice cave.
This eloping couple shares a tender moment in a magical Iceland ice cave.
A bride runs through an ice cave on her elopement day in Iceland.
Who wants to elope in this Iceland ice cave?!
A couple walks through a magical Iceland ice cave on their wedding day.
This couple eloped in the winter in Southern Iceland.
An adventurous couple marries within biting cold of an Iceland ice cave.
A glacier cave is the perfect place for your winter elopement.
An epic Iceland elopement in Vatnajokull National Park.
This couple had a moody and dreamy adventurous elopement in Iceland.
Icy details at a couple's winter Iceland elopement.
This couple eloped under the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in southern Iceland.
The crystalline walls of an Iceland ice cave surround a kissing married couple.
Eloping couple stands side by side while they hold hands in Ice Cave in Southern Iceland
All smiles for this bride and groom on their Iceland elopement day.
Ice within an ice cave frame an eloping couple in Breiðamerkurjökull Iceland
A heart shaped opening in the ice perfectly frames this adventurous eloping bride and groom.
An eloping couple gently press their temples together while in a glacier cave in Iceland.
This bride and groom eloped near Jökulsárlón Iceland.
An eloping couple laughs in an ice cave near Jökulsárlón Iceland
A magical winter elopement in a Southern Iceland ice cave (near Vik).
An eloping couple walking in an Iceland ice cave on their wedding day.
This beautiful ice palace is the venue for an adventurous elopement.
Huge icebergs float in Jökulsárlón lagoon in Iceland.
Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is a beautiful and rugged location for an elopement.
The stunning Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in South Iceland is a perfect adventurous elopement location.
An eloping couple walks along the shore of Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Iceland.
This eloping couple wore nontraditional clothes at their Jökulsárlón Iceland elopement.
Eloping couple gazing at the otherworldly ice formations in the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Iceland.
This couple eloped on the shores of Jökulsárlón Iceland.
Nontraditional eloping couple braving the cold during their winter Iceland elopement.
Rain and snow didn't stop this couple from eloping at the glacier lagoon in Southern Iceland.
Magical couple kissing after their Iceland elopement.
This couple had a fairytale Narnia wedding in Southern Iceland's winter.
An eloping couple walks along the frigid glacier lagoon in Southern Iceland.
Ice pieces sparkling like diamond's on the black sand of Breiðamerkursandur Beach Iceland.
A couple kissing passionately at the moody winter seascape of Diamond Beach, Iceland
An eloping couple cuddling on Diamond Beach Iceland.
Snow falls on a dramatic couple at Diamond Beach in Iceland.
Diamond Beach in Iceland provides a dark fairytale backdrop for this eloping couple.
This playful couple just eloped on Diamond Beach in Iceland.
Eloping couple runs along Diamond Beach in Southern Iceland.
The harsh beauty of Diamond Beach, Iceland radiates an eloping couple's joy
A dark fairytale eloping couple is framed on the harsh beauty of Diamond Beach Iceland.
Huge glacier ice pieces in the surf at Diamond Beach Iceland.
Long exposure of a wave and glacier piece on Diamond Beach Iceland.
Waves streaking through ice diamonds on a black sand beach in Iceland.
Glacier ice on black sand Diamond Beach in Southern Iceland.
Ice diamond on Breiðamerkursandur Beach Iceland.

Gowns – MYWONY

Hair & Makeup – Pink Colours Makeup

Planning – Pink Iceland

Workshop – Tyler Rye Expeditions

Ready for your own epic winter elopement now?! Or maybe you’re just 110% ready to go to Iceland. Well I’ve got you friends! From black sand beaches, to huge waterfalls, to glaciers and ice caves, to erupting volcanos – Iceland is truly a wonder to behold. And somewhere you must add to your bucket list! Let’s chat about making your dream Iceland elopement come true! Already stoked for you guys and to be your Iceland elopement photographer!

  1. christina hernandez says:

    WOW!!! These photos are amazing.

    I’m going to Iceland in September and I hope it’s just as pretty!!

  2. Carly Jones says:

    Wow absolutely stunning ! What a beautiful location and couple. You did an amazing job on these photos. It’s a dream of mine to go to Iceland and do an elopement !

  3. Rita says:

    Oh woww!!! I knew Iceland was awesome, but these photos just make it even more magical! That ice cave is out of this world!! and with her dress, she just looks like a goddess on earth, holy moly it’s so beautifully captured! LOVE IT

  4. Marta says:

    Holy cow these pictures are incredible!!! Iceland is definitely on my bucket list!

  5. Tessa says:

    These photos are other-worldly! Are you sure this is Iceland and not another planet??? Also her second purple dress is to GORG, I love the color of it with his suit!!!

  6. Sydney says:

    Such great tips and these photos are GORGEOUS! Iceland is such a beautiful place to elope!

  7. oh my gosh…drooling over these moments….frozen in the moment….so so stunning…Iceland is on my bucket list for sure!

  8. flora says:

    Would you cum to the dark side for me?

  9. Naomi Levit says:

    Iceland looks so amazing! These shots are beyond beautiful, awesome work!

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