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It’s always an honor when couples trust me to choose a location for them. And that’s exactly how Carrie and Andrew’s adventurous mountain engagement session started!  From all the exploring I do in the SoCal region searching for nature amidst the city, I know where some hidden gems are. So we headed up the mountains on this gorgeous day, smelling the pines and mountain breezes, and I got to show these lovers one of my favorite SoCal trails. Seriously it has what I call a small cathedral of aspens – my favorite tree!!

Ok but enough gushing about this beautiful area and more about Carrie & Andrew! These two are seriously some of the most genuinely fun, caring, kind, adventurous people out there. They were making me and each other laugh so hard during their engagement session. These guys are definitely the people when you meet them you want to be their friends they are so cool. So down for anything in fact that they let me choose their engagement session location! And let me tell you after having to reschedule their engagement session three times due to COVID-19, I know they’re the kind of go-with-the-flow, love-is-not-cancelled people I aspire to be someday. Come rain, shine, COVID-19 or not, these cool cats will be married in November one way or another! They’re so excited. And so am I! Ain’t nothing going to rain on their parade! 

I’ve actually known Carrie for a number of years. We were cross country and track teammates back in college, and ran way too many miles together to ever keep track. So it was amazing to catch up and hear all about how she and Andrew met! Once I heard the story I wasn’t surprise one bit with how authentically awesome and caring they both are that they were introduced by their grandma. How cool is that?! Their whole relationship draws roots back to being surrounded by the people they love and care for most. So when they got engaged at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA, all decked out in romantically twinkling Christmas lights, their whole family was there to surprise and congratulate them after the big moment!

To get to the aspen grove/cathedral these guys hiked up the mountain a couple of miles with me. They love the mountains and even said, “2 miles-piece of cake”! I think they’re going to have such a blast exploring in Big Bear or Mammoth where they’re thinking of honeymooning. Hiking in I was a fly on the wall capturing their joy being out in nature. And I mean who wouldn’t be totally excited to be outside after quarantine? But man, these guys were in their element!

They climbed across the loose timber bridge multiple times and jumped across rocks. They clambered through burnt tree stumps getting covered in soot and ran through the tunnels of aspens like it was an epic Disneyland ride. Guys, it was pure joy! Even when a little field mouse startled the beejebies out of me, they were leaning in closer to see it better, drinking in every beautiful moment from that golden evening in the mountains.

Hiking down the mountain in the twilight glow a mist inversion filled the valley. We laughed, we threw on more layers, we turned on our flashlights, we laughed some more. I’ve been to this trail multiple times before, one of my favorite SoCal hidden gems. Yet this session was definitely one of those super fun times to remember and it’s really because these two are just so awesome, centered on what is important, and a blessing to others. This job is a blast all the time but also a way for me to serve my clients. What they don’t often realize is that THEY are a blessing to me in so many ways. And Carrie and Andrew, you guys have definitely blessed me with your friendship! Praying for you both as you look forward to your big day in November! 

Does exploring the hidden gems in SoCal sound like something you guys would like doing?! Maybe you want to have your own adventurous mountain engagement session! Perhaps your plans have changed recently. Could be you just want to celebrate an anniversary, an accomplishment, etc!. Maybe you’re getting ready to propose! Whatever the reason, those beautiful pockets of nature in the LA/OC area can provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate. Let’s get in touch and get out in nature together! 

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  1. kai says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve always wanted to explore the big bear wilderness

  2. Heather says:

    You chose THE perfect spot for them and captured their love so beautifully! I love them all!

  3. Bayli says:

    You can tell this couple is in complete and utter love; absolute cuties!

  4. Kathryn Cooper says:

    I really like the depth of field with all the greenery, and of course the sunset shots are soooo romantic!

  5. sara says:

    um so I have only been to big bear in the snow haha I had no idea it looked like this. This is so pretty and you can tell you made them feel super comfortable.

  6. Abbi Hearne says:

    Woah, this is so so beautiful! I love the sunset light.

  7. Jessica says:

    Looks like you found the perfect spot for them! I love the aspens!

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