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This couple is adventuring in a slot canyon.

Couple celebrating their anniversary in a slot canyon.

The first day of your marriage adventure is ABSOLUTELY worth documenting! I love helping couples have an amazing wedding or elopement experience! But… after sticking it out through all the phenomenal times AND the super tough times, and still being 1000% committed to each other? THAT is truly worth celebrating! There are a lot of places/programs out there that celebrate ‘#-days” of success. Days. I’m sure those have their unique challenges and can’t be easy. However, neither is doing life with two imperfect people who know exactly how to push each other’s buttons!

Things that are worthwhile take constant, diligent nurturing. All that to say, I think it’s important to celebrate the years you have maintained this sacred commitment! And because let’s face it, the ‘traditional’ anniversary ‘gifts’ are not very meaningful, what better way to celebrate than both of you exploring a beautiful place and getting some amazing photos commemorating your anniversary – whatever anniversary number you’re celebrating!

This couple is walking through a snowy slot canyon on their anniversary.

For their 14th anniversary, Shio & Ron explored a bit of their awesome hometown of Page, Arizona. We met up to take in Waterholes Canyon, an epic slot canyon. Let me tell you it did not disappoint! I know having lived in Tucson for several years, when I think of Arizona I think HOT.  So it was breathtaking seeing snow on the canyon walls and floor really highlighting the red rocks and the beautiful shapes of these canyons! It was super fun getting to know Shio & Ron and hear about their 14 years together as we explored the canyon and tried to stay warm! These guys truly dig their desert home and love getting out and exploring, both together and with their three littles.

It was awesome chatting with Ron about his work in the engineering field and learning about Shio’s Navajo heritage (P.S. My New Mexico-born heart did a little happy dance when I saw all of the beautiful turquoise jewelry Shio chose to wear for this session!) and how she’s an amazing photographer too. All this as we were climbing down ladders and squeezing through the narrow rock formations of Waterholes!  Truly one of my favorite parts of this job is that we usually become friends by the end of working together, and it’s been so fun continuing to chat with Shio & Ron over social media! So wherever year 15 together takes you guys, know I’m rooting for you and praying for many continued blessings!

Do you have an anniversary to celebrate?! Whatever anniversary number you guys are celebrating I would be so honored to help you celebrate all the years you guys have said “we’re committed to sticking this out together through thick & thin”! Let’s pick a place to explore and celebrate your marriage. At the end, you’ll have some awesome memories as well as a special place to return to in the future! Sound good? Let’s get in touch and we will start planning your anniversary adventure ASAP!  

Couple running through a slot canyon on their anniversary.


Wedding couple squeezing through a slot canyon

Couple cuddling in a slot canyon.

Couple kissing in Waterholes Canyon

Boho wedding bouquet at a slot canyon anniversary session.

Couple walking through Waterholes Canyon

Couple taking in an Arizona Slot Canyon

Views down Waterholes Canyon

Couple climbing ladders in a slot canyon on their anniversary.

Couple having fun in Waterholes Canyon.

Couple cuddling in Waterholes Canyon.

Couple kissing in an Arizona slot canyon.

Couple running through a slot canyon

Couple twirling in Waterholes Canyon

Couple exploring a slot canyon and cuddling

Waterholes Canyon with sun hitting the canyon walls.

Couple cuddling in a snow slot canyon

Couple cuddling and showing off boho bouquet in a slot canyon.

Couple kissing in a snowy slot canyon.

Couple having fun on their anniversary in a slot canyon.

Waterholes canyon entrance covered in snow.

Couple cuddling under a blanket in a snowy slot canyon.

Couple using a tribal print blanket to keep warm on their adventure session.

Couple cuddling with tribal print blanket.

Couple cuddling with blanket in the snow.Snowy red rocks outside Waterholes Canyon

Location: Waterholes Canyon | Florals: The Flower Method


  1. Linda says:

    Amazing location. Stunning photos.

  2. This anniversary shoot is just epic! And oh my word, the colours in that canyon. So stunning!

  3. Abbi Hearne says:

    Yessss oh my gosh so so beautiful. You crushed it 🙂

  4. Jenn says:

    The colors in these photos are legendary! I love snow on red rock!

  5. Ashley Hayes says:

    PERFECTION!!! Oh my word, so so so good!!

  6. Ashley Hayes says:

    These are BREATH TAKING!!! Seriously, so good!!

  7. Puf creatif says:

    The snow on the red rocks makes it really special!

  8. Heather Huie says:

    Stunning photos!! I love the richness of the Red Rocks.

  9. Simone Anne says:

    The black dress and orange slot canyons are INSANELY GORGEOUS together. Omg. I love it!!

  10. Georgia Brown says:

    My husband and I have talked about doing an adventurous session somewhere like this for our anniversary one year!! This is so beautiful!

  11. Jessica says:

    Such a beautiful slot canyon anniversary session! I agree, it’s amazing when couples do this – whether it’s year 1 or year 20! I adore the photos with the blanket at the end! So pretty!

  12. Erica Swantek says:

    Oh em geee!!! These are absolutely stunning! The desert is my happy place & it’s been way too long since I’ve been. What a gorgeous anniversary shoot and happy 15 years to these two!

  13. Maddie Mae says:

    Those dreamy red slot canyons are so perfect. I love, love the colors in all of these photos — so gorgeous. Happy anniversary to these lovebirds!

  14. Megan Steen says:

    Love everything you said about anniversary sessions! Everyone should celebrate their anniversary with an experience instead of ‘stuff’!

  15. Cassandra O. says:

    OH WOW!!! Her black dress is a total scroll stopper!! DANG, I am obsessed with these photos!!!

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