Eight Surprising Reasons Why You Should Get Married Outdoors In Nature

There’s a good chance that if you’re here you love the outdoors just as much as me. So while the title indicates eight surprising reasons to get married outdoors, I’ll start off this list with the really obvious reason this is a good idea.


This couple eloped on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This couple explored Kaena Point on Oahu on their wedding day.


  1. You guys love the outdoors!

I told you, it’s the really obvious reason for getting married out in nature! If you love being amongst trees and crashing waves in your every day life, why would you want spend such an important day in a random indoor venue? Sadly, many of us are preconditioned to think we have to get married in a building. So while it’s really obvious, this one is also not so obvious. Love nature and love your future spouse = get married in nature! It’s a win-win.


This couple's wedding venue was the dramatic cliffs of Hawaii.


Ok, so now that the obvious one is out of the way we can dive into the more surprising reasons why tying the knot in nature is a good idea. But first, a little background 🙂

I first heard the term ‘forest-bathing’ when talking with my brother-in-law a few years ago.  After having a little laugh at the name, I started doing some research. Forest-bathing is a newer practice where all your senses are completely immersed in nature. Through this immersion into forests, parks, mountains, beaches, etc. we are generally happier, healthier, and more creative human beings.

It was an ‘ah-ha!’ moment for me – putting into words something I’ve always know was true! No wonder I feel more relaxed after a weekend at the lake or rejuvenated after a short hike. We humans are designed to be outside, and like me, you probably intuitively know that spending time in wild places is good for the body, mind, and soul. (If you’re skeptical there’s a ton of science to back that up, seriously just google it!)

What does all this have to do with getting married you ask? Well it follows that if we’re happier, healthier people we’re more likely to be better spouses and forge stronger relationships. The next seven reasons why being out in nature can help you have an amazing wedding day and create a secure foundation for a lasting and joyful relationship might surprise you!


Wedding day snuggles on Oahu's North Shore!


  1. Nature makes you happier

Research has displayed that being out in nature can produce similar levels of endorphins in the brain as achieving a “runner’s high” from athletic activity. No need to work-out on your wedding day (unless you want to!), simply being outside will boost serotonin making you feel happier and have happier memories of your special day.


Views for days during this couple's Oahu, Hawaii elopement.This couple eloped in Oahu, Hawaii.


  1. Nature reduces stress and anxiety

Looking at photos of nature or watching Planet Earth can reduce a person’s stress and anxiety – crazy cool right? Think of how much more of that goodness you could get being surrounded by nature. For such a joyful time, weddings unfortunately tend to rank on the higher side for amount of stress/anxiety produced. Do yourself a favor and reduce stress and anxiety on your special day by planning your wedding/elopement in the great outdoors. Don’t forget to take in all the beautiful views and smell the flowers!


This couple had a small wedding on Oahu's North Shore. Bride and groom holding hands during their Hawaiian elopement.


  1. Nature promotes richer memories

Studies show that nature is the ultimate cognitive booster. Experiencing nature first hand stimulates vivid memory, exactly what you want on your wedding day. With richer memories of your shared experiences this can lead to deeper connection and intimacy, as well as enduring love.


This couple hiked to their wedding venue on Oahu's North Shore. Couple running during their destination Oahu elopement.


  1. Nature makes you kinder, more connected people

People like being in beautiful places and tend to gravitate towards them. For anyone who’s been to Yosemite in the summer time, you know that’s true! As we seek these wild spaces and share in our mutual appreciation of them, we end up connecting more deeply with the people around us. This connection with our fellow humans helps us feel appreciated, wanted, known which then in turn helps us be more empathetic and kinder. I really can’t think of a better way to begin a marriage than a feeling deep connection. By marrying outside in nature you’re not only setting yourself up for an intimate and emotionally meaningful wedding day, but adding to the foundation for a lasting marriage.


Bride twirling her gown during her Oahu elopement. Couple dancing on the beach during their Hawaiian destination wedding.


  1. Nature helps build trust and problem solving skills

Wild places are by definition wild, and with that comes the inherent challenges of a wild place. By navigating through nature we learn problem solving skills that translate into our everyday lives. When we work with others in these rural areas to successfully rise to the challenges presented we build trust and teamwork, that help us tackle the inevitable challenges of marriage with grace.


This couple eloped on the beach on Oahu. Sunset on the beach during this couple's Oahu elopement


  1. Nature helps us slow down

Doesn’t it feel true that the worst days are the ones that seem to drag on forever? But the best days are over in a flash? While our perception of time is dependent on many factors, being in the outdoors helps us slow down and be more fully present. We are driven by screens and the visual sense these days. That’s not to say we don’t see when we’re enveloped in nature, but more that we become increasingly aware of the other senses. The sound of the babbling brook, the tickles of tall grass brushing against your legs, the smell of pine trees or salty sea air. As we use all our senses and avoid distractions we’re able to recharge our brains. This in turn gives us the time and space to connect with each other in meaningful ways, something that is an absolute must for any wedding day.


Bride and groom laughing during their Oahu small wedding. Couple kissing during their Oahu elopement. Couple giggling during their Oahu beach wedding.


  1. Nature makes us good stewards

We’re more likely to care for our one and only earth if we experience it firsthand. As our gratitude for and appreciation of nature grows, so also does our desire to protect these wild places. We often pass on our love of the great outdoors to those we interact with.  Then we all make smarter choices investing in these places we all love.


Sunset during this couple's Oahu simple wedding. This couple eloped at sunset on Oahu, Hawaii.


There are so many more reasons why being out in nature is good for you! I hope these few help showcase the added benefits and intimacy of marrying in the great outdoors! Think an outdoor wedding or elopement could be the right fit for you? Let’s get in touch and start planning your awesome day in nature asap!


Sunset kisses during this couple's Hawaiian elopement.


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