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This couple took photos in Saguaro National Park during an epic sunset to celebrate their first few years of marriage. This couple met and fell in love in Tucson, AZ. To celebrate they had me take some photos of them in one of their favorite places in town, Saguaro National Park. | Clarissa Wylde Photography

There’s nothing quite as magical as an Arizona adventure session at sunset. Arizona sunsets are world famous for good reason. The intense color with the wild but soft abstract shapes of the clouds turns the sky over the Saguaros into a masterpiece.  And during Jess & Phil’s adventure session the desert put on quite a show!

But let me introduce you to these two first. I met Jess the first day we started grad school at the University of Arizona together. We formed an instant friendship, and spent the next few years doing everything together. Hiking, running, camping, trying unsuccessfully to be triathletes, singing, dancing, church groups, volunteering, you name it, but mostly homework. Somewhere in the midst of all that cool stuff hanging out with me, she met Phil. As someone who watched their relationship bloom from the beginning, I had a spidey-sense he was the one. They were a perfect match!

Phil asked Jess to marry him as they hiked through the autumn colored trees in Sedona on a camping trip. The next year they married in the magical, Narnia-like Minnesota winter of Jess’ home town (yes I froze my tail off…). Fast forward a couple years. These two now have several more degrees to their names and have launched their successful individual careers – all while still getting out to soak in the natural wonders of their desert home.

Feeling called to the next adventure, these two are packing up and moving across the country. To celebrate their marriage, their first home, where they met and fell in love, we headed out to Saguaro National Park for an adventure session. These two were bouldering in their nice clothes within minutes, and the crazy wind that day did little to deter their fun. Needless to say, I love these guys and I’m so lucky to call them my friends! Spending an evening laughing with them in the desert witnessing one of the most epic sunset shows I’ve seen yet was truly one for the books. Wishing you both all the best on this next exciting chapter!

Adventure sessions, especially Arizona adventure sessions, are seriously some of my favorite to photograph. It’s just us having an awesome time in the great outdoors celebrating with photos and adventure just because we can. Want to come explore the desert with me? I’m so down – let’s get your adventure session on the schedule!

This couple had a blast on their Arizona adventure session. They laughed, hiked, danced, bouldered, and more all while having me, Clarissa Wylde of Clarissa Wylde Photography, document their love in Saguaro National Park.Who wouldn't want to dance on top of boulders during their Arizona adventure session?! This couple sure did and had so much fun! | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyGolden hour is the perfect time for snuggles with the one you love! This couple was all cuddles during golden hour at their Arizona adventure session in Saguaro National Park. | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyHiking during your Arizona adventure session is so much fun! This couple even hiked on trails lined with cacti to explore the area! | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyGolden hour perfection for this couple snuggling during their southern Arizona adventure session in Saguaro National Park. | Clarissa Wylde Photography Epic images of epic people in Saguaro National Park | Clarissa Wylde Photography Saguaros in the background are a must for your southern Arizona adventure. This couple decided to hike through Saguaro National Park to celebrate their anniversary and had Clarissa of Clarissa Wylde Photography photograph the adventure! Bouldering is totally optional during your Arizona adventure session with Clarissa of Clarissa Wylde Photography, but so much fun! This couple was up the rocks without a word from Clarissa because they just wanted to climb and see the views. Have a ton of fun like this couple adventuring through the Arizona dessert during their adventure photography session with Clarissa Wylde Photography.Couple cuddling during their Saguaro National Park adventure session with Clarissa Wylde PhotographyAll the snuggling during this southern Arizona adventure session. This couple really loves each other and their desert home. | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyDetails from this couple's Saguaro adventure session with Clarissa Wylde PhotographyThis couple cuddles at sunset in Saguaro National Park | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyTake a look at the view this couple had during their sunset adventure session with Clarissa Wylde Photography in Saguaro National Park!This couple kissing under a famous Arizona sunset in Saguaro National Park | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyA super colorful sunset happening behind this couple getting their photos taken in Saguaro National Park by Clarissa of Clarissa Wylde PhotographyEpic sunset and snuggles for this couple during their Arizona adventure session with Clarissa Wylde Photography! Couple dancing in the sunset of Saguaro National Park | Clarissa Wylde PhotographyCouple embracing during their anniversary adventure session in Saguaro National Park at sunset. | Clarissa Wylde Photography

  1. Madelyn says:

    These are so gorgeous! Love them.

  2. Oh my goodness! That sky though! This looked amazing!!

  3. Jones says:

    I’m so obsessed with this location, and that amazing golden light. Well done!

  4. Allie says:

    These sunset photos are unreal!!

  5. Erica Swantek says:

    Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous Saguaro National Park adventure session! That sunset is so epic!!!

  6. These are so beautiful! And that sky is absolutely unreal.

  7. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh, that Arizona sunset is to die for!! The colors are beautiful and you did an amazing job capturing this couple! 🙂

  8. valerie says:

    Oh my gosh, beautiful! that sunset was unreal!

  9. Brooke Osborne says:

    I stumbled across these phone while researching for my Saguaro National Park elopement coming up. Could you possibly tell me where in the park these photos were taken? I absolutely love the location and photos!

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