Stormy Forest Elopement at Mount Rainier National Park


Most of the time the weather in Mount Rainier National park is consistent in the late summer. But since it is the only mountain of its height for miles, Mount Rainier often creates storms around the peak on otherwise sunny days. Which is exactly what happened on Talia and Andrew’s elopement day. But keep reading because this day was absolutely magical!

We started off their day driving up from Ashford, WA. (By the way Ashford is right outside the park and a great place to book lodging for your own elopement in Mount Rainier.) It was immediately obvious that the peak was obscured with clouds, but that couldn’t dampen our spirits! The forest became even more vibrant in the stormy light, wildflowers seeming to pop with fireworks of color, and the cool breeze danced through Talia’s gown just like a movie. It’s almost like the giant mountain knew it needed to take a backseat to let these two lovebirds shine. 

Near sunset, strong winds actually blew some of the clouds away from the base of the mountain. We couldn’t help but play a little right there in the parking lot! It was such a joyous day! 

Are you thinking of eloping in Washington/Mount Rainier National Park? Here are a couple tips. 

No matter what season you’re considering, be prepared for ever changing weather. Summers are often in the 60-80s (F) during the day in the park. As you might expect though, higher elevations tend to be cooler than lower elevations. However, it got down to the low 40s (F) during Talia and Andrew’s stormy forest elopement. Having layers available for not only surprise weather but just the different elevations will make your elopement more comfortable. 

And don’t forget, you’ll need a special use permit to hold your ceremony in the park. Check out the Mount Rainier permit website here for more information, and email the park for a list of designated elopement locations. The permit application fee as of this post date is $175. Depending on the location in the park, you may also have a location fee. You will need to apply for your permit at least 4 weeks in advance of your desired date. I suggest applying early to ensure you get your desired location sooner than later! 

If you have any questions, I’d love to help you plan your very own elopement at Mount Rainier National Park! Reach out here to tell me all about your dream day 🙂 Who knows, maybe the weather will allow you guys to have a stormy forest elopement also!

A happy couple hike beside Reflection Lakes during their Mount Rainier elopement.
This couple share a romantic kiss during their dreamy elopement in the Pacific Northwest.
This couple had an epic elopement in Mount Rainier National Park
This eloping couple runs down a trail in front of mountains in Mount Rainier NP.
This beautiful couple hand hands as they enjoy their outdoor elopement in Washington.

Gown – Daci Gowns

Photography & Florals – Clarissa Wylde Photography

  1. Sienna Armstrong says:

    You have totally nailed the beauty of Mount rainier with this elopement! What a happy couple they seem to be.

  2. Stacy says:

    Such a beautiful elopement at Mount Rainier National Park! You captured their love so well.

  3. Carly Jones says:

    This STORMY FOREST ELOPEMENT AT MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK is absolutely gorgeous. You did an awesome job capturing their day. I love the ring flat lay details on the map !! Your editing is stunning as well.

  4. Naomi Levit says:

    You captured this elopement perfectly! Love the colors and the stunning locations! Mt. Rainier is such an epic location!

  5. Kat says:

    That dress is awesome, and you got the perfect lighting! Great true-to-life colors that help me feel I’m right there.

  6. Dakotah says:

    Such a beautifully captures Mt Rainer elopement, love all the colors and pure emotions!

  7. Sydney says:

    Gorgeous images and great tips! Mount Rainier is such a beautiful location to elope!

  8. Jen says:

    I am obsessed with her dress! What a beautiful forest elopement in Mt. Rainier National Park. Stormy weather and all!

  9. Brandi says:

    This storm did nothing to hinder the beauty of this elopement, but rather made it amazing! Gorgeous!

  10. Naomi Levit says:

    Mount Rainier is such a beautiful location, and the couple looks stunning! Great tips, too, especially about the temperature change!

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