Slot Canyon Elopement in California + Rock Climbing!


I get all kinds of questions that basically boil down to “can we go have an adventure in our wedding attire that’s not on our wedding day?.” The answer is emphatically, yes! Can you bring your gown on your honeymoon and do photos there – yes! Could you wait a few years and do a vow renewal in an awesome location – yep!

And that’s exactly what Kinsey and Stewart did! These two adventurous souls had been exploring their way across the US in a van with their adorable pup Nala. When they got to California it seemed like the perfect place and time to renew their vows. That’s when they reached out to me!

Just like the first time you said these vows, this is a special moment. As such your vow renewal deserves time and energy.

When planning your own vow renewal make sure you have enough time.

The last thing you want to feel is rushed or stressed. You’re going to want time to reflect on the past years together. Also celebrate the joys and coming through the hardships with your person. You’re going to want time to slow down and be present together. All that takes time – and that’s ok! You both deserve more time than a couple hours for this.

Now, think about ways to incorporate the activities you love to do together for your vow renewal or photos on your honeymoon!

And if you’re not sure what you’d like to include, you can always reach out to your photographer. I’m always happy to suggest fun activities you could add that reflect your relationship.

Stewart and Kinsey wanted to incorporate rock climbing into their vow renewal because it’s an important part of their relationship. However, they also wanted a location off the beaten path and unique. So into the desert we went! This California slot canyon was the perfect mix of rock climbing (without technical gear) and adventure.

Are you dreaming of your own slot canyon elopement now?! Here are a couple tips.

First, ALWAYS check the weather. During rainy weather all slot canyons become extremely dangerous due to flood conditions. For all Southern California desert locations it’s important to consider heat too. We planned this vow renewal in early February and it was already above 90˚F the whole day. Winter is a great time to explore the SoCal desert with more *comfortable* temperatures.

Some slot canyons, like this one, do require more effort to explore. Be sure you check trail/road reports before hand and bring appropriate gear. For more information on this specific area, visit the BLM website for Mecca Hills Wilderness. And don’t forget footwear with good grip!

As always, I highly recommend a photographer to help you remember this special time together. Photographers can also suggest unique, hidden gem locations like this one! Would you like my help in creating your very own vow renewal adventure? I would be so stoked! Reach out here 🙂

And to get inspiration from other slot canyon elopements and photo sessions, check out the following!

This couple share a unique slot canyon elopement in warm Southern California.
This couple dance at in a slot canyon during their scenic slot canyon Elopement session.
This couple embrace during their outdoor elopement at this slot canyon.
The Groom uses a rope to help him climb the rocky face of the canyon at this couple's slot canyon elopement.
At this California slot canyon elopement, this bride and groom squeezed through narrow sandstone canyons and used ropes to climb the canyon.
Two eloping partners embrace during their outdoor hiking adventure slot canyon elopement near Mecca Hills California.
The Bride & Groom take a moment to enjoy their outdoor adventure slot canyon elopement.

  1. Heather says:

    This day looks like it was so fun! What a cool place to explore on a wedding day.

  2. Danielle says:

    What a cute idea and couple. I love how they created a day unique to their relationship, my favorite one is of the bride looking up, so cool!

  3. Sienna says:

    I’m from California and have actually never heard of Slot Canyon but wow, what an incredible place! You’ve captured this elopement so beautifully.

  4. Amy Isacson says:

    I LOVE slot canyons – such fun to see them incorporated into an elopement! This adorable couple must be thrilled with the results!

  5. How cool is this elopement! With their backpack, rock climbing in California Canyon and IN HER WEDDING DRESS! You did amazing in capturing their adventurous love story.

  6. Naomi Levit says:

    Omg such a fun adventure elopement! Loving the rock climbing and candid moments you captured!

  7. Andy Hardman says:

    What a fabulous wedding adventure opportunity. Really well done. Looked like a great time 😊📸

  8. Jen says:

    What an adventurous couple! And your photos in the slot canyon are sooooo good. It looks like they had an amazing time.

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